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Product Lines

Check out the fabulous brands we use in the salon. We also have retail products in salon for you to purchase to keep your new colour and style looking and feeling great. 

We have been introduced to some fantastic suppliers and have taken on new product and colour lines which boast being cruelty free, vegan, PPD free, ammonia free, resorcinol free, sulphate free and are environmentally friendly.

We are committed to helping the environment and strive to recycle and use biodegradable products and material wherever possible. 



Backwash and styling range

Nine Yards are a premium hair care brand from Sweden. They specialise in high-end hair care products for salons and are renowned for their ethics and cruelty-free morals. Their aim was to create a brand that stands out from others in the market by supplying sustainable products for everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, age, and gender.
Nine Yards have an extensive collection of products available. Whether you’re looking for a shampoo that tackles greasy hair, a conditioner that adds moisture and body, or hair wax that gives you style, control, and volume – Nine Yards hair care have got it.


Hair colour

At O&M, our vision is to help people live healthier lives by pioneering safe, clean colour technology.

O&M Hair Color is a Health Choice

O&M CØR.color is the next generation in Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol-free professional air colour.

We call it CØR because colour is the core of our brand.

The Ø at the heart represents our commitment to making the cleanest colour in the world by eliminating harsh chemicals.

We called our next-generation colour CØR because colour is the core of our brand.

At the very heart is the Ø, a symbol of our unbreakable commitment to zero Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol.

One of the first haircare companies in the world to produce professional-grade Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol-free permanent hair colour, O&M is serious about low-chemical solutions for today’s conscious clients and committed stylists.

CØR.color is both an answer to an industry-wide problem of increasing chemical sensitivity, and a compelling marketing story in a world where consumers are constantly on the lookout for ever-more effective natural beauty solutions.

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Innoluxe V3

Bond Builder

Founded in September 2015, INNOluxe is a British brand taking on the world. Working closely with an amazing team of scientists in Brazil, INNOluxe is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do to repair, rebuild and protect hair, so that YOU can keep pushing the boundaries of colour and style.
"INNOluxe makes the impossible, possible... It repairs and rebuilds as we colour… The hair feels stronger, thicker, sexier and smoother. It’s pretty awesome!" - Sophia Hilton, INNOluxe brand ambassador

Hair Collective


Our products use natural, recycled and compostable materials wherever possible, with a significant percentage of our profits being donated into sustainability projects such as tree planting initiatives with Ecologi.

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